About the Cinema Ad Guy

In today’s world consumers are bombarded with advertising messages non-stop from every media form imaginable.  So where do you go to find out how to make your message to your customers and prospects stand out among all the other messages ?  How do you find out what media formats are the best, and most cost effective methods for getting your message out to the masses ?  The answer to both questions is right here, The Cinema Ad Guy (Tim Braun) can help you figure exactly the best ways to reach your target market and how to develop a following that will keep your business humming for years to come. 

The Cinema Ad Guy is Tim Braun, a veteran entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in all types of media and business.  Tim has sat on both sides of the table both as a purchaser of Advertising and Marketing services and as a provider of advertising and marketing services.  His unique experience and creativity is the basis for his advice, thoughts and recommendations.  Click the subscribe link today and follow all of the Cinema Ad Guy’s thoughts, ideas and suggestions for your business.  For more information visit www.cinemaadguy.com.


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