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Between now and the July 4th holiday is high season for Blockbuster releases at your local Cinema.  As a result this is the best possible time to get your full motion digital ads up and running on your local cinema screen.  Large audiences for these upcoming blockbusters mean your ads will be even more cost effective than during the rest of the year.  I am now offering 3 and 6 month advertising plans to my clients so they can take advantage of the upcoming blockbuster season without being locked in for the whole year.  This is the perfect time for many businesses to try Cinema Advertising for the first time or as seasoned Cinema advertisers already know it’s high season for big results.  With the economy showing some signs of life, getting a High Impact Cinema ad up and running now will ensure that the cash register starts ringing up new revenue in the New Year.

As I have said before, make sure you take the time to work with someone that can help you create an ad that is creative and stands out as not just another ad.  Cinema ads are fun and give you the opportunity to do things you can’t do in other advertising mediums.   Everyone goes to the Cinema to be entertained so take the time to make sure your ad isn’t just information but that it is very entertaining and demands attention for your business.

So what are the upcoming potential Blockbusters for 2011 ?  In January look for “The Green Hornet”,  “Season of the Witch” with Nicholas Cage, Anthony Hopkins in “The Rite”, Vince Vaughn in” the Dilemma”, and Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in “No Strings Attached”.  For February it’s “I am Number Four”,  Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in “Just Go With It”, and for Valentine;s day  “Gnomeo and Juliet” in 3D.  March brings us the much anticipated “Rango”  with Johnny Depp, Robert DeNiro in “Limitless”, Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau“, “Red Riding Hood” and “The Lincoln Lawyer”.  Kids rule in April with “Rio” from the creators of “Ice Age”, “Hop” from the creators of “Despicable Me” and “Born to be Wild” in 3D.  May promises to be a huge month with the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” installment and “Thor” the sequel to “Iron Man”.  June may outdo May with “X-Men:First Class“, “Green Lantern” and “Cars 2”. If May and June weren’t enough, how about the upcoming July Blockbusters, “The Transformers” movie, “Captain America”, the latest “Harry Potter”Film and ” Cowboys and Aliens” with Harrison Ford.

Talk about high impact, what other media works this hard to put people in theaters to see your message ? That’s right, Cinema advertising can’t be beat and with huge crowds lining up West Bendfor these blockbusters it means auditoriums fill up early giving your ad even more exposure.  My advertisers can count on their ad appearing 2- 3 times before the start of each film.  Imagine your ad playing on screen before a packed auditorium waiting to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Just like product placement in the movies, placing your ad before a blockbuster film gives you a leg up on your competition.  What are you waiting for ?  Let’s get to work on an ad that takes advantage of High Season at the Cinema !


What is the fastest way for you or your business to become a star in your local community ?  A well produced Cinema ad.  With the millions of messages your customers and prospects are bombarded with everyday on Television, Radio, Printed Publications, etc,  a cinema ad at your local theater is the quickest and most effective way to get in front of your potential and current customers.  If you ever wanted to do more than get your message out but also wanted to get you or your business(your brand) talked about in your community, taking the time to create a cinema ad that features you, your family, your employees, your customers, a pet and your business will do wonders to elevate your business and put your unique brand on it.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s before cable, Satellite, VCR, DVR, You Tube, Internet and streaming video when there were only a few choices to watch on TV, even in Southern California, entrepreneurs like car dealer Cal Worthington built and branded their businesses through the use of creative and yes sometimes extremely goofy TV ads.  With a Cinema ad you have the opportunity to do the same without having to worry about your audience switching to one of the other 5,000 choices on cable or satellite or fast forwarding through your commercial.  You can appear on the same Big Screen that the biggest Hollywood stars are appearing on, it’s your opportunity to firmly plant your star in the heads of prospects and customers.

Far too many people who decide they want to run an ad at their local theater, simply take photos and throw together something that looks like an ad.  When I work with people on their Cinema Ads, they have to hit me over the head with a large hammer or chair to get me to let them run a run of the mill ad.  If you are going to make the investment in a cinema ad, make sure you are dealing with a company that is first and foremost creative and focused on getting results for you.  Secondly, don’t deal with any company that won’t produce a full motion, digital ad, in other words don’t take a print ad and put it up on the screen in the form of slides.  If you are going to be at the cinema you want your ad to be a full motion video that tells a story or for that matter a joke (make it a good one, although bad ones sometimes work better).  Make the decision who will be the face of your business and will help you create a brand locally.  You can be the face of your business as can a star employee (caution here, employee’s move on when you least expect it)or other family members or as we have seen lately, many family pets have not only become the face but also the voice of many businesses. (make sure your pet speaks clearly if he or she is going to be the spokesperson 🙂 ) .  Seriously, a pet can be the face and an announcer’s voice can be used to talk on behalf of the pet.  I can’t tell you how many times that a dog that is a mascot for a business draws in customers just for the chance to see the dog.

With Cinema advertising the sky is the limit, so don’t limit yourself to anything but a super creative, attention-getting, brand building ad that makes you and your business the star of the show.  I would even go as far to tell you that you should challenge the Cinema ad company  you are dealing with to help you create an ad that makes people almost as excited to go to the theater to see your ad as they are to see the movie.  Believe me, it can be done, it just takes some creativity.

BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Branden...

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Ever since the 1957 experiment at  New Jersey Theater where subliminal message were placed on the screen that said “Hungry…Eat Popcorn Now” and “Drink Coca-Cola“, the big screen has been implanting messages in people’s minds.  The constant innovation in technology whether subliminal messages, smell-o-vision, improvements in picture and sound quality, 3d or even seats that move with the picture have put the Cinema at the forefront in technology that involves all the senses.  High Tech technical advancements and super creative ads are just a few of the reasons Cinema Ads have become so effective.

The latest “experiment” is being conducted by BMW in your Europe, where they are “burning” the BMW logo into the eyelids of cinema goers.  Follow this link for the amazing story.  While not all of this technology is available or practical for the smaller Cinema advertisers, taking the time to create ads that leave an impression will make your Cinema Ad the most effective advertising you will ever run.  Besides BMW’s brand burning experience in Europe, Old Spice‘s highly effective new ad campaign started in the Cinema and has taken on a life of it’s own.

What other form of advertising allows you to burn your logo into your prospective customer’s eyelids ?  The possibilities are limitless and while I had planned on writing this blog 2 or 3 times a week, I intend to post daily updates when stories like the BMW experiment come up.  Stay tuned, we have only just begun, even if you don’t have a business to advertise, I think you will find the information I am going to write about fascinating from a technology standpoint and a little interesting when it comes to what your mind absorbs on an outing to the Cinema.